Microwave Warmers  

Soothe it with microwave heating pads and neck warmers from Kylie Bleu.
Relieve and soothe muscular tension / arthritic aches and pains / back problems/ neck pain / stomach cramps / spasms and migraine headaches.

Use as a cold pack for sprains, swelling migraine headaches.

Available in a selection of colours.

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Soothe with microwave heating pads & neck warmers from Kylie Bleu

  • microwave warmers
  • Microwave warmer heating or cooling pads

    • Relieve and soothe muscular tension
    • Heat in the microwave for 2 min
    • After removing the pack from the microwave
    • Add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil
    • Lavender, rose or patchouli
    • Or place in a plastic bag in the freezer to be used as a cold pack
    • For sprains, swelling and hot flushes.